Why Bonnie - "Practice" (Track Review)

We're all trying to get somewhere. To a new job, a new city. To finish a degree, to own something new. To find happiness, love, fulfillment, stability. Time moves forward, and it's best to move with it. Of course it's not easy. There are long stretches of hard work and stagnation. What do we make of the time in between? Is some of it wasted, or is it all necessary to get somewhere?

Why Bonnie singer Blair Howerton offers some passed-down parental advice on "Practice", the second single off the band's upcoming EP In Water: "My mother told me / one day you'll be there / just gotta work hard / but know it's unfair / the rest is practice / it's not the real thing"

"Practice" is airy but has palpable momentum. It's like the middle of a commercial flight. When the plane is moving at top speed you can't really feel it, and you don't always know what direction it's headed. All you know is where the plane took off and where it will land, like when you're working hard to get somewhere. Senses are curbed but you know there is a final destination. One day you will get there.

In Water is out February 16 on Sports Day Records