Queen of Jeans - "More to Love" (Track Review)

Philadelphia, PA band Queen of Jeans list their top genre as "crockpot pop" on their Facebook page. I don't know what that means, but I like it. Perhaps it's referring to how their pop songs are never hurried or eager to get anywhere. They've only released one song that clocks in above 130bpm.

Ok, maybe I get it. Like a crockpot, their songs cook slowly.

Their newest single, "More to Love," is also in no rush to get somehwere. Percussive breathy vocals draped in delay lead in to a field of lovely reverbed guitars, one open and dreamy, the other plucked and springy. Their 60s pop influence is most evident in the patient and wide snare hits that could be pulled from of a number 60s Billboard hits. But what's modern here are the added layers, wet sounds, and dynamic white space between hooks. The 60s pop influence may be strong, but their sound is surely fresh and original.

Queen of Jeans debut LP Dig Yourself out March 20 on Top Shelf Records

Kevin McClary