La Sera - "I Need An Angel" (Track Review)

la sera.png

Indie rock band La Sera’s fourth studio album, Music For Listening To Music To, produced by their good friend Ryan Adams and recorded at his own Pax-AM Studios, is set to drop March 4 and they just released the album’s second single, “I Need An Angel.” The track is driven by guitarist Todd Wisenbaker’s jangly, Johnny Marr-esque guitar riffs and frontwoman Katy Goodman’s lively bass playing that sit atop steady drums resting in the back of the mix.

Goodman’s silky smooth voice blends flawlessly with the music and trades off beautifully with Wisenbaker’s as he sings the chorus with an assured, laid-back tone that feels distantly familiar (think Tom Petty’s “Refugee” meets Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue”). The track’s optimistic musical composition clashes well with its lyrical cry for help, as Wisenbaker sings “Heaven help me, I need an angel, I need a miracle // Cause I’ve tried all my luck in this world // I would do anything for you to help me // I need an angel to love me.”

The track’s last minute is an instrumental cruise that showcases the band’s tasteful and skillful playing, concluding with a guitar chunk that reminds you of the reverb drapery that’s been there all along. “I Need An Angel” is an indication that La Sera will continue to outdo themselves with Music For Listening to Music To, which arrives on March 4 through Polyvinyl Records.