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It is really difficult to find time to write music in college, let alone record a full-fledged album. Trust me, I tried. Between classes, jobs, and extracurriculars, your time and mind are constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. That’s what makes Julien Baker’s debut solo album Sprained Ankle so incredible, aside from the stellar songwriting and tranquil production. Baker wrote most of the album’s songs in her Middle Tennessee State dorm room and recorded a demo on a whim in an MTSU studio. Baker’s lyrics are heartfelt and personal, delivered beautifully by her effortlessly pure voice and nimble guitar playing. Baker is still enrolled at MTSU, taking online courses while touring the US and Europe with material from Sprained Ankle. Finishing college is hard, and it seems like the closer you get to the finish line, the less time you have to work on anything creative. I hope Julien Baker finds the time. I’m sure she will.

You can buy her album and see tour dates here.

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